Statute of SpeedyDog school!

  1. A participant of the training is obliged to obey the order of the trainer.

  2. In order to schedule a training, a participant of the training is obliged to pay 100% of the price within 3 days since the moment the invoice has been created and delivered.

  3. A participant of the training should always be on time. The dog should have a short walk before the session, provided by the owner.

  4. In case of being late for the training, the particular class will be shortened by the time of the delay. 

  5. The dog should always be on a leash during the training. It is forbidden to make your dog loose without a clear permission from the trainer.

  6. During the training, you must use a leash with the max length of 1.5m and a collar. We do not accept FLEXI leashes and all kind of harnesses. 

  7. We are not allowing to use during our trainings any types of pinch collars or clamping chains.

  8. Violence towards your dog will not be tolerated! In case this rule is broken, our school has the right to eliminate the participant from further classes without reimbursement.

  9. The owner needs to provide water and snacks for his/her own dog.

  10. The owner must always clean after his/her dog.

  11. Aggressive dogs (towards other dogs or people) cannot be part of the obedience trainings. In case aggression’s symptoms are shown during the classes, our school has the right to exclude the dog from further trainings. The payment value of remaining classes will be reimbursed to the owner’s account.

  12. In case the trainer will notice that an owner is not working with the dog outside of training hours, what causes lack of progress, our school has the right to exclude the dog from further trainings. The payment value of remaining classes will be reimbursed to the owner’s account.

  13. Bitches with a heat or sick dogs cannot be part of the classes. If the dog has any health issues (also temporary one), the member is obliged to inform our school.

  14. A member must inform the school about the absence maximum 48 hours before the training, otherwise the particular class will be lost without reimbursement. 

  15. Our school has the right to cancel the class due to bad weather conditions. In that case, the particular training will be rescheduled to the closest, possible time.

  16. Speedy Dog School is not responsible for any damage caused by the training participant or by the dog of the training participant.

  17. Organizers reserve the right to use photos and movies made during the trainings for the marketing purposes.

  18. For the training we invite adult people. Older children (above 15 years old) can participate in classes and perform exercises with the dog, but presence of parent/legal guardian is still required. Please make sure that your children will follow the rules and will not interrupt the training of other participants.

  19. The participant of the training gives permission for his/her personal data to be processed by SpeedyDog school for the purpose of contacting about the classes, training or house visit (if the participant has chosen this way of exercise).

  20. Each, group or individual class, takes max. 60 minutes. The motivation of the dog and its willingness to cooperate determine the training time. (If a dog does not want to work, the training session will take only 15 minutes).

  21. In case of food allergy of the dog, the owner is obliged to inform the trainer up front.

  22. Individual classes need to take place within 2 months since the date of the first session. In case of unexpected circumstances, long term disability to participate in the trainings (longer than 1 week), lessons are lost.

  23. In case of resignation from the training during its duration, the amount paid is not refundable.

  24. Failure to follow the rules may result in exclusion from the further classes without refund of the training payment.